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Xantrin Rating: 4
Overall Success Rate: 84.2%
Last Updated: March 16, 2023


Product Overview

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Xantrin, a male enhancement, aims to get you and your partner to the finish. It aims to set you apart from the rest, with the average guy lasting only between two to five minutes.

It banners the use of all-natural, herbal ingredient, each being independently researched and thoroughly tested to ensure safety and the absence of side effects. The goal is to get you to last longer in the lovemaking for your sake and your partner’s.

Ingredient List and Effects

Xantrin boasts of a unique proprietary formula that includes ingredients such as Butea superba, Xanthoparmeila scabrosa, L-tyrosine, resveratrol, ginseng, Angelicae gigantis radix, and dang-gui. It shows from this list, however, that the site presents only a partial list of ingredients, which adds to our uncertainty about what this male enhancement cream can bring to the table.

To use the cream, massage a quarter-size dab directly onto your penis immediately before engaging in sexual intercourse. The effects are said to be felt right away. The site downplays the presence of any unwanted side effect; according to it you will only notice a calmer mood, higher energy, more focus.


  • Inclusion of potent ingredients such as Butea superba


  • Product can rub off a woman’s genitalia and desensitize her as well
  • Lack of full product ingredient disclosure
  • Lack of clinical study findings to strengthen claims

Readers’ Rating

male enhancement creams are a dime a dozen in the male enhancement marketplace, and the competition is good for quality and value for money. But what sets Xantrin apart from the rest? In our product test, we believe that it’s the potent ingredients of the cream that buoys it and makes it potentially excellent. Butea superba and other herbals ingredients work well to achieve the desired outcomes. However, Xantrin has to perform better in the information game, providing clinical trial findings and more details into its composition and workings.

Xantrin Reviewed by Men's Health Institute. Rating:84.2%
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