Viatropin Summary

Viatropin Rating: 8
Overall Success Rate: 76.6%
Last Updated: May 28, 2023



Product Overview

Viatropin Thermogenic Formula is a male enhancement supplement that triggers two things to boost overall male sexual experience: hormones and metabolism. “Born in the lab” and seems to be based off the award-winning nitric oxide research, it stacks the male body with natural amino acids that are necessary to increase nutrient absorption, hydration.

Ingredient List and Effects

Viatropin contains four main ingredients: A-AKG, OKG, L-GKG, and A-KIC. These and other ingredients in the formula are highlighted to be readily available to be consumed in your daily diet, since these amino acids are naturally occurring.

There are some potential side effects, mostly in people with specific health conditions. It is best to consult your doctor prior to supplementation in order to stay on the side of health and safety.


  • Flexible male enhancer from the bedroom  to the gym
  • Boasts naturally occurring amino acids and nutrients as main components


  • Lack of basic product information
  • Needs to populate site with customer reviews and testimonials

Readers’ Rating

You can’t go wrong with nature, and this is the message that Viatropin tries to send across with its impressive lineup of amino acid and nutrient ingredients. We only hope the full ingredient list is revealed, though! We laud the product for its flexibility in addressing male energy both in the bedroom and in physically demanding tasks such as exercising. One major factor that holds us back from giving it a high rating is the lack of what could be basic product information and details, such as customer reviews and further proof of beneficial action.

Viatropin Reviewed by Men's Health Institute. Rating:76.6%
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