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Product Overview

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Andro 400 is  a male enhancement supplement that features time-tested ingredients such as Eurycoma longifolia, also typically referred to as tongkat ali and longjack. Andro 400, according to its website, employs a two-pronged approach to male hormone boost, namely (1) expanding luteinizing hormone (LH) creation in the pituitary gland and (2) diminishing sex hormone-tying globulin.

Ingredient List and Effects

Eurycoma longifolia, Andro 400’s main ingredient, is a male hormone booster known for hundreds of years now. It is a flowering plant belonging to the Simaroubaceae family and is native to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos.

Two capsules of Andro 400 a day is recommended.


  • Laudable focus on s and its far-reaching impact on male sexual health and experience


  • More than  one capsule a day as recommended intake
  • Need warning on excess use of Eurycoma longifolia, which can lead to issues such as sleep and prostate  disorders
  • Lacks customer feedback and reviews to balance its clinical data on powerhouse ingredient

 Apart from the multiple-capsule-a-day recommended intake, we are concerned about the absence of customer or user experience in its website and marketing.


Andro400 Reviewed by Men's Health Institute. Rating:71.0%
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