Extend Your Manhood! Ways to Make Your Penis Longer

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Men, size does matter, and this proves most true in the bedroom. Obtaining a bigger, longer, and thicker penis has created an entire industry of new supplement products and male enhancement tips found on many reputable review sites on the World Wide Web.

But how do you really “extend” your manhood? What options are available? Below are the three top ways to get a bigger penis – and other benefits on the side, including longer lasting erections and increased pleasure during sex.

  1. Male enhancement pills
    In the last few years major advancements have been by the health industry to formulate powerful natural male enhancement supplements that now come in all shapes and sizes including: herbal, synthetic, and even bogus pills. The most promising and clearly the best options contain potent herbal ingredients that promote better blood flow and thus harder and stronger erections. How is this possible? Well, male enhancement pills work by forcing more blood into your erectile chambers to increase your penis size.  These supplement pills are especially promising for those who suffer from sexual dysfunction, but hey also help normal average men who desire more energy and stamina during sex and harder longer lashing erections.
  2. Penis exercises
    Among the most common techniques are jelqing, Kegel exercises, and even the simple act of ballooning. They not only help in elongating the penis, but also aid in managing sexual issues such as premature ejaculation. Just relax, warm up the penis, use a good lubricant, and perform the male enhancement exercise of your choice. Remember, though, as with most exercises do these in moderation with safety as a top concern.
  3. Penis extenders
    These products work by gently stretching the genitals and pulling its cells apart. They take some time to work, but can be fairly safe and effective. Compared to penis exercises, extenders need a lot less effort.

Which of these three options is most useful and most often used?  Today with the promising advancements in the supplement business clearly using natural male enhancement pills are the most popular and effective method for increasing sexual enhancement.  Choosing the right supplement can be a bit confusing but the good thing is that there a handful of very safe and popular products to choose from that also do not require a prescription.

It is best, however, to always consult a qualified physician to make sure other potential health issues are addressed. Safety, after all, still comes first.

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