• How to Manage Your Stress Hormones

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    If you are concerned not just about your sexual health but your overall wellness, read on. Cortisol, a hormone produced by the human body to deal with physical and mental stress, increases in your blood as you feel stressed whether physically, mentally, or emotionally it is not called the “stress hormone” for nothing! What you should be aware of is how high cortisol level affects a number of chemical balances in your system, potentially increasing your disease risk. There are natural ways to lower high cortisol levels in your blood. Here are some of them:...

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  • How to Improve Your Stamina in Lovemaking

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    It’s not only erectile dysfunction or low libido that can kill your pleasure in bed. Anyone would want to make the sexual act last as long as possible, but this simply isn’t possible for some men: they achieve orgasm too soon, and this is called premature ejaculation. Before you use medications or similar interventions, seek to try these natural methods for improving your stamina in lovemaking. Use the stop-start method – Whenever you feel that you are near ejaculation, stop and wait for the feeling to subside. Resume the thrusting, and practice the technique regularly...

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  • Sexual Potency Enhancement Tips for Men

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    Whether you are a young man in your sexual peak or someone close to his senior years, there are factors that can make you a victim of male impotence, which is also known as erectile dysfunction. The numbers are growing, as the inability to start or maintain an erection can occur due to a wealth of medical, hormonal, psychological, and environmental reasons. Of course, erectile dysfunction drugs will likely be the first to be recommended. But erection drugs like Viagra and Cialis have a fairly good effectiveness rate, they can come with unwanted and widely...

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  • Choose the Best Male Enhancement Pills for the Diabetics

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    Right now, there are already plenty of men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction. In case you do not know, ED takes place when a man starts to fail to achieve or sustain an erection. There are actually numerous reasons why this kind of disability takes place. It can be due to old age as well as many other factors. However, it is said that diabetes is actually among the most popular reasons behind the condition. In fact, there are around 38% of the male diabetics who suffer from ED as the direct result of the...

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  • Take Your Male Sexual Performance to a Higher Level

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    Men, for the longest time, have always been stereotyped to be sex machines which are ready to give their performance at the mere drop of a hot. Even though this can be a bit true in the cause of some men, for most, it is not. Just like the ladies, men can become too tired as well, stressed or at times, not in the right mood for sex. This kind of factors can also trigger some sexual issues. Since this topic is a bit sensitive, majority of men shun away from discussing about sexual dysfunction...

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  • The Best Male Enhancement – The Decision Lies in Your Hands

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    Today, you can already find hundreds of different male enhancement products which promise amazing results to the users. Many companies from various parts of the world are now making hundreds of thousands, thanks to the increasing number of men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction or some other related kind of sexual issue. Most of these consumers are somewhat desperate to improve their sexual drive. A not so good bedroom performance can be embarrassing, debilitating and can even destroy a man’s ego all at the same time. An average male takes part in a sexual intercourse...

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  • Best Strategies to Fight Sexual Dysfunction Caused by Stress

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    Working for longer hours, taking extra shifts, and promotions, add them all out and you will definitely be stressed out beyond your limits. It will not even require one to have a psychology degree just to know that this stress can have a negative impact on the other aspects of your life. Your friends are already noticing the night outs that you missed, your son is sulking because you missed his big day at the baseball game, and your wife is giving you the cold shoulders for your not so stellar performance inside the bedroom....

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  • Low Testosterone – Is It the Culprit for Your Dwindling Sex Life?

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    Hormones of the manliest form fuel your sexual drive and are also the ones responsible for putting hair on your chest. However, you will surely be surprised to know that low testosterone is not really part of the aging process symptoms. If you are concerned about male enhancement, you will certainly want to learn more about this in detail. It is a must for you to remember that your sexual drive wanes for various reasons, both physical and mental and your energy is also low because of the same reasons: obesity, diabetes, heart disease as...

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  • Top Reasons for Having Low Libido

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    Do you usually lack the urge of making love with your partner, despite her looking all desirable and sex tonight? Low sexual desire or libido can actually come from various factors. Because men are commonly viewed to be voracious when it comes to sex, they often intentionally refuse discussing their lack of desire for sex because they are afraid of being judged or due to anxiety. It is the reason why it is not know the number of men who are suffering from less than the optimal levels of libido. Identification is the very first...

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  • Male Enlargement Products – What and Where to Purchase

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    As a man, you will surely want to make sure that you will be able to give utmost pleasure to your partner in all ways possible. You will definitely so to it that you will take care of your partner, giving them the emotional and financial security that they need. However, when it concerns intimate matters, it is important that you will always maintain your best condition. Just like guys, women can also become aggressive when it comes to sex, although they can be considered as pretty great at being conservative regarding this subject matter...

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